The TCQ Difference

Our Aim is to be... a value creating enterprise

TCQ CONSTRUCTION is a value creating enterprise. As aa top flight contractor TCQ CONSTRUCTION has the strength, expertise and ability to complete the most demanding and sensitive of projects.

 Our claim to differ does not stem from our resounding track record or the fact we are a long standing successful family construction business. There are many areas that set us apart from our peers and these include the pride we take in a project, design support, adaptability, response time, after sales service and meticulous attention to site safety. We believe the presentation of a construction site relays a message to those who work there; our competitors appear to disagree. Our view is a positive attitude translates into efficiency, quality workmanship, timely completion of tasks and a reduction in overall construction period.  

Whether it be design input, tender response, contract negotiations, construction issues or after sale service TCQ CONSTRUCTION takes pride in the manner in which we respond and adapt to meet the needs of stakeholders.

The benefit of this for our clients is a construction partner who invests time, short circuits problems and ensures certainty of delivery.

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