Optimum Construction Delivery

TCQ Construction Contractors deliver projects according to a client's need and expectation.

In recent years contracting has taken many different forms but irrespective of the type of contract, whether it is traditional tender or a more collaborative based agreement, TCQ Construction Contractors is continually acknowledged by clients and peers, for thorough project planning and the successful results achieved.

Construction risk is inherent in every project, and to achieve Optimum Project Delivery there is a need for clear understanding on the destination and how to arrive there with minimum disruption.

The TCQ way is to recognise the specific characteristics embodied within the design and analyse them in a manner that will ensure the desired outcome is not jeopardised.

A ‘Project Plan’ is an analytical process formalised as part of the TCQ Construction Contractor management system. A scheme undertaken to ensure proper consideration is given, and action taken, to ensure a project is completed with emphasis on time, cost, quality, safety and client focus. Clients remain well informed and confident due to a clear, concise ‘roadmap’ showing the project outcomes and process by which inherent risks will be minimised. The production of a Project Plan involves no additional workload for a client.

Once a contract is formalised the following process and service features are in place from day one:
  • Delegation a personalised client manager.
  • Client Consultation: define what is important to the client.
  • Define the issues and outcomes that affect the client’s business.
  • Undertake a comprehensive analysis required for the 'finished product'. Particularly project finishes and functionality. In simple terms understand the finish before we start.
  • Risk assessment: Undertake ‘Methodology Statements’ for all potential key risk areas foreseen on the project inclusive of but not limited to... risks  for existing occupants, the community, pre-construction and construction.   
  • Analyse how the completed project will be achieved. Consider alternative construction methods, improved efficiencies and methods for cost savings which may reduce the contract price.
  • Challenge strategies implemented to achieve desired project outcomes and outline progressive milestones.
  • Confirm and reflect the compiled information within a comprehensive 'Project Plan', specifically outlining all key risks as well as 'must achieve' outcomes. This Project Plan is the cornerstone of the project.

Thereafter, project outcomes are monitored progressively, managed and the Project Plan updated accordingly. The client is fully informed but not overburdened with modifications to the Project Plan.

An ‘open door’ policy is maintained at all times where company executives are available and able to confirm to the client the project status in relation to Optimum Project Delivery.
For further information or to request a quote, please contact us on +61 2 8707 4500 or alternatively you can contact us online.

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