TCQ is experienced in many methods of project delivery, from traditional Lump Sum and Cost Plus contracts to Early Contractor Involvement, Design and Construction, and Construction Management.

Lump Sum and Cost Plus Contracts

Lump Sum and Cost Plus contracts continue to be a preferred method of tendering. What differentiates us from our competitors is our meticulous understanding of all aspects of construction across the entire project lifecycle. TCQ is dedicated to acting in your interests and uncovering hidden cost efficiencies while still delivering exceptional outcomes. You can be sure that complex construction processes will be accurately broken down and thoroughly assessed. In this way, our team of experts is often able to identify and suggest alternative construction techniques and innovations that can add enormous value to your project.

Early Contractor Involvement

By involving TCQ early in your project, you will be taking advantage of hundreds of years of combined professional construction experience, prior to TCQ providing a lump sum construction cost. Early Contractor Involvement allows us to work closely with your design consultants, frequently achieving even better value for your project. This includes time reductions, better overall functionality, greater sustainability, and reduced whole-of-life cost.

Construction Management

Construction management brings us into your project team at an early stage. You will not only benefit from our knowledge and experience but, similar to Early contractor involvement, your construction can be fast-tracked while achieving certainty of outcomes and cost. To ensure your project objectives are seamlessly implemented, our team will work diligently to build a relationship of mutual trust with your staff and professional consultants. Our priorities are to achieve time, cost and quality through careful and professional management of all phases of your project, from concept to commissioning.

Design & Construct

The Design & Construct delivery method enables you to supply us with rudimentary documents or a brief and still achieve a firm price outcome. It also allows us to engage with and manage the design to achieve the best value for your project across the board. The construction phase commences only after you are completely satisfied that the proposed design solution meets your brief and objectives. Once construction has commenced, you can be assured the professional standards of time, cost and quality will be exercised from project start to completion.