Heritage Listed Buildings

Heritage buildings and TCQ Construction Contractors dovetail together as a perfect combination.  Attention to detail and a proven track record on award winning projects make the choice of a contractor an easy option for demanding clients. Some of the projects undertaken are Botanical Gardens Administration Facility, National Trust Building at Observatory Hill, No.1 Fire Station in Castlereagh St Sydney, and Darlinghurst Public School.

No.1 Fire Station
Client: NSW Dept of Commerce FireStation1 FireStation2 FireStation3 FireStation4
Address: Castlereagh St Sydney

MBA Excellence In Construction Award: Heritage Restoration to $5,000,000

Darlinghurst Public School
Client: NSW Dept of Commerce Darlinghurst1 Darlinghurst2 Darlinghurst3 Darlinghurst4
Address: Woomerah Ave
Potts Point
MBA Excellence in Construction Award: Restoration of Historic Buildings 

Dr Mary Booth Reserve
Client: NSW Dept of Commerce
dr-mb-before1 dr-mb-before2 dr-mb-before3 dr-mb-before4
dr-mb-after1 dr-mb-after2 dr-mb-after3 dr-mb-after4
Address: Sydney Harbour, Kirrabilli
Walkway and Leisure Facilities... National Parks and Leisure Australia Innovation Award
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