Gaols and Institutions

Working in a corrective services environment is nothing new to TCQ Construction. Many projects have been completed at Long Bay, Parklea, Silverwater and Emu Plains Women’s Correctional Facilities. Excellent quality, prompt completion and a thorough knowledge of security issues makes TCQ Construction a leading contractor in this sensitive environment.

Emu Plains Women’s Correctional Facility
Client: NSW Dept of Commerce emu-plains1 emu-plains2 emu-plains3 emu-plains4
Address: Emu Plains NSW

Long Bay Correctional Centre
Client: NSW Dept of Commerce long-bay1 long-bay2 long-bay3 long-bay4
Address: La Perouse NSW

Parklea Correctional Centre
Client: NSW Dept of Public Works  parklea1 parklea2 
Address: Parklea NSW
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