Traditional Tender


TCQ Construction Contractors has worked closely with selected clients for the past thirty years and has provided for them ‘traditional’ lowest price tender bids of real value and benefit.

A large majority of clients prefer this method of doing business.

The traditional tender approach stems from a process where a contractor calculates the cost of a construction project based on documents provided by the client, or the client’s representative, being the architect, project manager or engineer.

With traditional tendering, a key component differentiating TCQ Construction Contractors and other construction industry competitors is an ability to meticulously understand all aspects of construction, from grass roots quantity surveying principles. Our clients can be sure that difficult construction processes within their projects are not just guessed or accidently doubled up, but accurately broken down and assessed thoroughly. In this way TCQ Construction Contractors becomes eyes and ears that act in the client’s interest. Even if unsuccessful with a tender the feedback TCQ Construction Contractors provides a client is an invaluable service.

 Often alternative construction techniques are highlighted that can be immensely beneficial to a client. These innovative solutions ensure added value for their investment by means of expert and professional overview prior to contractual commitment.

A common pitfall in the traditional tender process is where a client attempts to break up the tender procedure into small packages attempting to minimise cost. Our experience has shown that a client, or client’s representative, will be advantaged by incorporating all construction components within one contract. The risk of loose ends and the cost of unforseen work excluded from sub-contract trades can then be avoided.

One single lump sum contract means one business transaction and a sensible way to do business.

Most clients prefer traditional tender, a hard dollar bid, as the preferred method of doing business.
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