Remedial Construction

TCQ Construction Contractors has become, through reputation, a first choice for property owners who have been left a legacy of sub standard building work.

Ten years ago Vero Insurance faced an avalanche of claims under the Builders Home Warranty Legislation and quickly embraced TCQ Construction Contractors as one of their primary mid tier rectification builders. TCQ Construction Contractors provided prompt response, professionalism, and construction know- how to overcome the myriad of challenges that eventuated.

Surety and confidence is what TCQ Construction Contractors offers.

Defects claimed by property owners under the Home Warranty Scheme were innumerable but never insurmountable. Stabilisation of subsiding structures, removal of external brick facades, repair of spalling concrete, remediating wall ties , crack stitching ,many waterproofing repairs such as bathrooms, balconies, planter boxes and retaining walls were but a few of the problems rectified.

TCQ Construction Contractors has taken and always takes that extra step to remain at the forefront of industry innovation with research and development an area to which TCQ Construction Contractors is committed.

The successful completion of Home Warranty projects was soon noticed by many other strata managers and engineers . Remedial construction is now firmly entrenched in a successful business model.

Tier 1 performance and satisfied customers has become symbolic in the TCQ Construction Contractors brand.
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