Construction Management


Construction Management brings the builder into the project team at an early stage and this concept offers distinct advantages to a client whereby the builder ‘s knowledge and experience can be utilised to help provide the most cost effective solution.

Professional Construction Management by TCQ ONSTRUCTION is a commitment to achieve the key objectives of time, cost and quality through careful and professional management of all phases of the project – from concept to commissioning.

The TCQ CONSTRUCTION Management approach allows full input of all team members at the right time ,whilst providing for direct contracts between the client and the sub-contractors actually executing the work. This allows the financial benefits of competitive sub contract tendering to accrue to the client.

The TCQ CONSTRUCTION approach builds a partnership of trust between the client’s staff, professional consultants and builder. The group becomes focussed on implementing professional construction skills at an early stage within a theatre of teamwork .

Appointment of the Construction Manager under the construction management process is usually on a professional fee basis, so that the only objective of this key stakeholder is to satisfy client needs. In reality the livelihood of the professional Construction Manager depends on his reputation of success .
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