Civil Works

Civil construction originally became a part of the TCQ Construction Contractors portfolio due to necessity more than design.

Clients increasingly incorporated extensive sitework, drainage, and roadwork in their construction contracts. Our Management Systems ‘raised the bar’ for civil construction on our projects and there were a substantially fewer number of civil sub trades able to comply.

The choice was to continually lead and guide thesel-sub trades through the ever changing and demanding requirements of civil contracting ,or modify our business model in a manner that would enable TCQ Construction Contractors accreditation with government and semi government Civil Contracting Authorities.

The latter option was decided upon. We now not only undertake all civil work on our construction contracts but, as well, deal with clients such as the RTA. and Endeavour Energy.

TCQ Construction Contractors offers premium service in areas where the larger players show disinterest. Top tier performance for both mid tier and small tier contracts.
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