Building and Construction

TCQ CONSTRUCTION offers thirty years of successful Building and Construction business experience. We are proud to say we are construction through and through. Many opportunities have arisen where new business ventures may have been undertaken, however we have avoided the temptation and always concentrated on our core business of Building and Construction. This is what our clients expect and unfettered attention and service is what we provide. 

There is good reason to look at the way a businessman, Architect, or client will finally choose to get the job done. The method of contract is as important as the decision to build itself. This is because the success of the building project will be dependent on meeting time, cost and performance criteria to suit a company’s need.

Select the construction process that is best suited for your business.
TCQ CONSTRUCTION always partners external consultants in the design process where the contract type is Construction Management or Design Development Construct.

Our approach to the selection of consultants is flexible. Whilst previous business relationships are extremely important to us, we do realise many clients undertake early discussions and prefer their own consultants. This provides an opportunity for TCQ Construction Contractors to build relationships with new consultants and stay abreast of ever changing design concepts.

For further information or to request a quote, please contact us on +61 2 8707 4500 or alternatively you can contact us online.