After Sales Service

Asset Management Details

TCQ CONSTRUCTION takes pleasure  in assisting their Clients with essential ‘as – built’  information.
Whether you need particulars on the type and colour of tiles, paint, bricks, ceiling tiles, warranty information on air conditioning, lights and electrical equipment, or whatever relates to your  building then our comprehensive maintenance manual is available on this website to assist you.
  • To view  ‘as – built’  information please log in to our secure section with your username and password.
Where you are unable to independently retrieve the information required and need assistance  to overcome  worrying maintenance issues we offer the following service.
  • Contact TCQ CONSTRUCTION for an obligation free quote.
  • Save time and worry: Simply notify us that you wish to carry out  your minor works on a charge out basis – you will pay only labour rates, plant & material cost.
The choice is yours - our aim is to please.
For further information or to request a quote, please contact us on +61 2 8707 4500 or alternatively you can contact us online.