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Aged Care Services Australia (ACSA) Corporate Associate

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TCQ is now an Aged Care Services Australia (ACSA) Corporate Associate and we look we forward to providing our construction expertise within the non-profit aged care sector.

Transport NSW Authorised Engineering Organisation (AEO) Accreditation

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TCQ Construction has recently gained accreditation as an Authorised Engineering Organisation (AEO) with Transport NSW. Well done team!

We look forward to working with our clients on future transport and infrastructure projects.


TCQ Wins Galston High School Library Project

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TCQ has recently been appointed the Principal Contractor to construct a new $3 million library at Galston High School. Works will commence shortly and we look forward to providing the level of construction excellence for which we are renowned.

Heritage Works at St John's Church, Campbelltown

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St John's church is Australia's oldest existing Catholic Church with the foundation stone being laid in 1824.

It is associated with early pioneers including James Ruse and Matthew Healy who are both buried in the adjoining cemetary.

TCQ was tasked with returning this building to its former glory by removing and lead based paints to reveal the original sandstone facade underneath.  We also carried out re-roofing, render repairs, replaced joinery to match original doors and various other internal works.

Please click on the link below to view pictures of the completed heritage works.

Ultimo TAFE Refurbishment

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TCQ is soon to complete a state-of-the-art $5 million refurbishment and alteration project at Ultimo TAFE.  

Over three levels, TCQ Construction have successfully constructed workshops and training areas for Locksmithing, Printing, Fabrication, Painting and decorating, CAD / CAM training and welding.  To facilitate these specialised training areas TCQ was also required to install specific HVAC systems and communications rooms.

For more information and pictures 'click'

A Deeper Insight: Organisational Training

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Employers spend ten billion dollars (A$) a year on training in Australia.   In the United States the spend figure reaches one hundred and sixty four billion dollars (US$). Training is big business! 

We like the McKinsey article ‘How to separate learning myths from reality’ Read the article .

It hones in on some key aspects of staff development. Their report shows three myths that relate to learning and training.  Whilst we are uncertain how myth#1 could be implemented in a transient industry such as construction, myths#2 and #3 have relevance.

The construction industry, with an extensive range of professions, skills and intellects is an ideal setting to probe for the effects of The idle-brain theory and Learning styles.

The Lindt Cafe

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Just Another Day...Until Man Haron Monis came to town.

A TCQ Construction site at Martin Place Railway Station had started as usual at 6.40am.

8.40am: Anthony, Construction Manager, received a call that a delivery of tiles was one hour away.

9.20am: He was advised by phone that the courier was entering the city from the north.

9.45am: The construction site was on the mezzanine level of the railway station, one level below Martin Place. Anthony had proceeded to Martin Place and was standing some twenty metres from the Lindt cafe waiting for the delivery. Two electricians from the site were sitting on benches outside the cafe having a cup of coffee.

9.47am: The electricians promptly walked accross to Anthony and told him not to go near the Lindt cafe as there was a holdup in process. Anthony turned and saw a man and woman with their hands up.

Anthony's emergency training kicked in and immediately returned down to the site and told the on-site personnel not to leave the site until the danger was assessed.

He then returned up the stairs where a Police Officer had arrived on pushbilke and was trying to keep everyone away from the danger area. Anthony immdeiately took the initiative and started to assist by stopping people coming up the stairs from the station.

9.55am: A female officer wearing a bullet proof vest arrived poste-haste, hurriedly approach the male officer, and issued him with a bullet proof vest. Anthony thought to himself, "I'm not going to get one of those", so with discretion being the better part of valour, he immediately descended the stairs back to the site.

9.58am: He placed the site in lockdown, being well versed in lockdown procedures through his extensive experience with emergency procedures in school construction.

10.00am - 11.15am: Continually checking the immediate vicinity of the site Anthony came accross the Station Duty Manager at the base of the stairs and posed the question to him "What do we do? Do we stay in lockdown?"

He then proceeded to a lower level to check whether egress was available and came accross ten plain clothes officers suiting up. He was immediately challenged by one of the officers who said, "Mate where did you come from?".

Anthony said "Our construction site is up there."

"I want you our of there". The officer replied.

"That's fine, that is what I want too!" Anthony responded and he turned and started to go back up the site.

"Where are you going?" the officer challenged him again.

"To clear the building site". Anthony said. He then proceeded to the site shadowed by the police officer.

Anthony proceeded to advise all personnel to sign off and leave the site.

The building site consisted of many small rooms, nooks and crannies. The site was otherwise clear for all intent and purpose. Still, something niggled at Anthony.

The officer was persisting Anthony. "Come on mate - let's get out of here, I have things to do!"

Anthony was still uncomfortable and headed towards a small room in the bowels of the job.

"Where are you going now!", the officer belowed.

Anthony was undeterred, and continued in to the furthest and last remaining room. The officer by this time was growling, and getting grumpier by the second. He followed Anthony into the room and froze - you could of knocked him over with a feather! There, silently and merrily painting away was our smiling chinese painter.

The painter was then ushered out of the site through the Elizabeth St exit.

Anthony was determined to check one more room before leaving the site. He then with the duty manager and the officer exited the site via the Elizabeth St stairs.

The police moved everyone, including all site staff down Martin Place to Castlereagh St.

Ironically, an area immediately in front of the Lindt Cafe was the designated assembly point for the emergency site evacuation plan.

By this time the rumour had spread that it was an ISIL terror plot -  not a hold up.

All people were now in what the police referred to as a safe zone.

Be that as it may, Anthony still in Evacuation Procedure mode, grouped out site guys and told them that the procedures under our Safety Management Plan (Federal Safety Scheme), are that you do not congregate where there is a potential bomb threat. He advised everyone to disperse and move on. He set the example and moved on himself.

As a side issue, an apprentice electrician had left his car and house keys on site - and two of the plumbers were unable to collect their utes for two days as they parked inside the exclusion zone!

And by the way, Anthony never did get the tiles that day!!


Blaxland Road, Ryde

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TCQ Construction shows versatility and skills with complex designs where many contractors would not dare to tread.

The site in Blaxland Road, Ryde accomodates fourteen designer apartments of non repetitive floor design and the Architect has created a construction challenge that requires adaptability and extensive construction nous.

For images of the finished building click here

New York New York

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An 'Absolute Liability' labour law has the New York construction industry in crisis.

Could this happen in New South Wales ?;utm_medium=social&utm_content=4163177

2013 Construction Productivity Scorecard

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An Economic Analysis of Productivity 2013 Update by the Master Builders Australia indicates the reintroduction of the ABCC will increase productivity throughout the construction industry. Greatest impact will be seen in the non-residential construction sector.

The report provides a benchmark by which to compare productivity in2014 and beyond. 
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